Sunday, March 9, 2014

2018 Bellefonte Arts' Members

 Abstract Cats Fiber Art - Ericka and Lauren Downs
Abstract Cats facebook page
Abstract Cats Etsy
Abstract Cats website

Omair Balkhi of 
Photo Letter Art 

Ginger Baxter – Sketched Greeting Cards

Dorothy Bobo - 
Bobeaux Jewelry Designs

Hannah Chillingworth 
Emerging Artist - Pencil Sketches

Cathy Osberg Codding
Bead Artisan
Dreamers' Jewelry 
Beaded "Off Loom" Jewelry
Dreamers' Jewelry 

Cristi Day - Acrylic Sunniscapes

J. Patric DeLuca 
 Block Prints, Sketches, Paintings

Maureen Collins – Dovetail Designs
Pendants, Photography 
Kay Donohue 
Upcycled Vinyl Creations, Jewelry
 Galaxie Gallery

Karen Sulecki Edgar

Creative Photography by Karen Sulecki Edgar

 Jen Hintz Eggers - Pinstriping
The Art of Hintz 

Arlene Finocchairo - Polymer Clay Jewelry

Christi Muller Ford - Acrylics and pencil

Karen Furst - Mixed Media Assemblage Art 

Kara Hinson -Watercolor
Kara Hinson

Larry Hinson - Photography 

Larry Hinson

Lois Johnson - Photography
LEBJohnson Photography

Nicole Kristiana Studio – Gouache
 Nicole Kristiana Studio

Alan Kennedy - Lumemento 

Jacquee Lukowski
Jaxy Oh! Fashion for Rock Stars

Lisa Lutwyche - Whispering Light Creations, 
Original Watercolors, Jewelry 

Kamysha Martin  of  
lolahSoul Jewelry

Marsha Neal Minutella
Ceramic Pendants, Jewelry 
Marsha Neal Studio

Sally G. Petrillo - Watercolors

Karen Pontari - Dogwood Designs Jewelry

Alexander J. Purdy - Graphic Design 

Alice N. T. Reid

Etomi's Treasures Jewelry, Scented Soaps 
Robin Sesan - Monoprints

Robin Sesan

Heather Siple - Once Again Bears
Once Again Bears - Etsy
Once Again Bears

Pamela Slaton - Sketches 
Pamela Slaton

Dennis R. Smith  
Green Star Treasures

Stephen Tindall – Sea Glass Jewelry

Linda Toman - Ceramics 

Ann White - Photography 
Ann White

Genevieve White – Steampunk Jewelry

Valerie M. White - Watercolors, Block Prints 

Margaret Whitlow - Bling Bottles

Hazel Wilkinson
Emerging Artist

 Terry Zink - Upcycled Cigar Boxes, Paper Rose Wreaths
Zink Art

Eric W. Zippe – Photography on Wood Blocks
Eric Zippe Imagemaker